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Dry Rub

Always Use a Dry Rub


Tips for Grilling

A good Dry Rub is essential in grilling a flavorful dish. Dry Rubs are great on pork, chicken, beef, and you can create your own dry rub recipe from various ingredients to suit your taste, the possibilities are endless.

Dry rubs for grilling are usually made with a mixture of with herbs, spices, salt, pepper, and even sugar, and are essential for flavorful ribs. Dry rubs are key because the fat on the outside of the ribs will melt and meld with the dry rub, forming an incredibly tasty crust on your ribs. Sugar in a dry rub will allow a bit of caramelization, creating an even tastier rib. Even using a rub of salt alone will help maintain flavor if all you have available are the basics! So when it comes to your ribs, dry rub is a must!

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