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Tips for Cooking Ribs

Cook Your Ribs Over Cool Heat


Tips for cooking ribs:

Cook Your Ribs Over Cool Heat. Cool heat is the term for the cooler part of a hot grill. How you can create a “cool heat zone” depends on the type of grill you’re using:

Charcoal grill:
Bank coals to one side of the grill and cook the ribs over the area without the coals under it. Ribs take long enough to cook that the high heat from being set directly over coals will burn the outside well before the inside is cooked and tender.

Gas grill: Turn all burners on until the cooking grate is hot, then turn off one of the burners and place the ribs over that section of the grill.

Cool heat, and a long slow grilling process will produce the most tender and flavorful grilled ribs.

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